Tuesday, June 22, 2010

opt to adopt!

Looking to add a new member to the family??......perhaps a four-legged friend?
well.....you should.
More than 63% of homes have pets and many of them are considered full-fledged family members......if you own a dog and are looking for a play mate or a new baby of your own, check out these places to find the perfect pup for you! 

5500 pets are born each hour. 415 humans are born each hour. Check the math! More than half of those pets end up in shelters and so many never even get the chance to leave!! Please! Please ! don't support breeders and continue to raise these numbers. Breeders are in a business, they produce the most amount of product (puppies and kittens) for the highest dollar. They could care less where these babies end up. Breeders are in it for the $$$, please don't support them---

Many people think breeders are the only place to find a purebred. Hmmmmm....so you want to race your dog?? Is your dog going to be a contestant in the Westminster Dog Show? Do you want to frame your papers? If you answer no, then ask yourself why you are after a purebred.... And if you still decide thats what you want, check the shelters--there are thousands upon thousands of purebred babies waiting for a home. go get them.
Please, please, rescue a dog or cat. They have no idea why they are sitting in that wire cage; they just wan't to go home.
Heres where you find your new best friend: If you wan't to adopt but aren't looking forward to the unsettling trip to the shelter, then go online--adopt your face off without leaving your house! www.petfinder.com at Petfinder, you can type in the breed you want, the size and the age--from pups to grandpa's-they are all there!! Petfinder then sets you up with thousands of pets right in your area ready to go!
Looking for a smaller breed? check out http://lldogrescue.org -
LL Dog Rescue if where I found little Pilot. He was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri.....he had two sets of upper teeth from in-breeding and was not in good shape, now, he is one hell of a happy puppy and we're pretty happy with him too. 
Other more mainstream shelters in the Kansas City area include www.waysidewaifs.org and www.animalhavenkc.org, also check out your local humane society which desperately needs to adopt out to make room for new intakes, www.hsgkc.org and heartofamericahs.org. also check out www.nmhpkc.org
Good luck! You're saving a life! 
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."--Roger Caras

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